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Many musicians now can make great music with just a small investment in a computer and some software. Even a small unused room in your house can provide results that can be fantastic.

But, sometimes you just need that little extra sound you can’t seem to reach or somebody who knows how to put those drums back into time and make the bass and kick...well KICK! 

We record, produce, and make your music THUNDER. We also publish and work with you to move your music in to the market place with WEB DESIGN, CD COVER ART, and a SOCIAL MEDIA Target Campaign that will give your music that competitive edge.


  1. *We assist with helping you make career decisions that count in the digital age.

  2. *We fix recorded stuff that.... WELL... doesn’t sound great.

  3. *We play lots of instruments for backing you up.

  4. *We also have A Class musicians world wide TO PLAY ON YOUR PROJECT.

  5. *We program killer drums or can provide excellent live drum tracks.

  6. *We feature top notch microphones, preamps, and instruments for your use.

  7. *And.... we don’t charge a CRAP load to do it.

                                        CALL US NOW, and get your party started.


                               BRING THE HEAT!

Are you a solo artist?

Come in to the studio or email us your track. We can do the rest. We can also assist in arranging your song or helping to get that needed sound that can make all the difference in the final product.

Are you a band that wants to have a killer CD or Demo?

There is no such thing as a demo recording any longer. The public and producers aren’t interested in what the song could sound like. They want to hear a finished product.  We can do that. Actually we love doing that. We have over 35 years of experience in the recoding industry.  Send us your song and we will give you our honest evaluation, FREE. Sometimes just having input from an outside source can open up new life on a tune.

Are you a beginner at recording  your own music?

We provide recording classes and also can help you make your own mixes sound awesome.

We will even come to your studio to help you get set up correctly.

Did things get out of time when you recorded your project?

This can happen more often than you think. Plugins add latency and change things. You may have played to a click track but now your drums don’t match your bass...what the heck happened? We can fix that. We tighten up bass and drum tracks to give you that polished sound. Heck, we can actually tighten up all the tracks so they groove together. It sounds so good.

Are those darn guitars out of tune?

We know you spend a great deal of time making sure you have things in tune. But sometimes that perfect take is just a little off. Crap now what?  We can tune your guitar even after you have recorded your music. It’s Friggin’ Magic. Send us the offending file. We can fix it.


          Enjoy Your Music Making Experience With Us.



                  Trust your music with a Pro.

        Hi, we are Cass and Michael Schettler and John Michael Bolan.

                 We have over  35+ Years in the Recording Industry.

                            Thanks for stopping by to visit our site.

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Recently Hitstreet Records played host to American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery, where Scotty laid down vocal tracks for his new   release on Interscope Records.

   Pictured form left to right: Michael and Cass Schettler, Scotty and mom Judy.